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Carolyn_J_AndersonA GIS Certified Expert Witness, I am a degreed political scientist and geoographer with over 20 years of experience using GIS, I have worked as a GIS manager and a GIS specialist creating a wide variety of geographic or demographic products and services.  My technical experience and knowledge includes redistricting and gerrymandering.

As the GIS Specialist for a state legislature for over a decade, I provided technical support for redistricting based on 2000 and 2010 US Census population data, and was responsible for the new district maps on paper and for the web.  To see a sample, click here.http://www.capitol.tn.gov/districtmaps/HouseDist24.pdf 

In addition, I used a wide variety of data to create custom maps and tables at the request of members and legislative committees.  A few examples include geo-location of all higher education facilities, colleges and universities, community colleges, technical schools, and satellite facilities;   cigarette tax information for all states;  creation, maintenance and updating of precinct databases from all counties and associated district maps.

Another major task the acquisition and mapping of elections data.  See the adjacent map.

CJA Geographic Consulting provides excellent customized and confidential GIS (Geographic Information Systems) products and services for government and industry, including GIS Expert Witness testimony.

Another major task the acquisition and mapping of elections data.  See the map below.  CLICK MAP TO ENLARGE