Welcome to CJA Geographic Consulting


1. Maps – electronic and paper maps – Click Samples to see larger versions

Extensive experience providing maps on paper and map images for electronic display. Provided maps and tables that legislators were able to use in their analysis and decisions -making processes.

2. Geographic databases – design, creation and maintenance

In dept knowledge and experience designing and using attribute databases for making tables, charts, and maps of a wide variety of data.

3. Tables – demographic data from US Census Bureau, other government sources, and private data sources – Click Below to see Larger Pdf versions

Over 14 years’ experience working with US Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics demographic data to create attribute databases and tabular data sets for maps, as well as custom data sets such as the locations of post-secondary educational facilities.  I provided technical support for redistricting using 2000 and 2010 US Census data, including analytic maps and information for those charged with creating new districts.